April 18—23,


Milano, Italy

Garage 21 10:00 to 17:30

Via Archimede, 26 20129 Milano MI, Italy

A Google Design Studio installation in collaboration with artist Lachlan Turczan

Shaped by Water

Milan, IT

Water covers 71% of the planet and comprises nearly 60% of the human body. It is vital to life—a familiar force that sustains and connects us.

Since ancient times, water’s inextricable impact has inspired many of the world's most pioneering writers, artists, designers, philosophers, poets, engineers, scientists and sages. It is a study in opposing forces: abundant yet precious, powerful yet yielding, transparent yet reflective, and formless yet formative.

Drop by drop, our world is shaped by water.

Water is an harmonic substance that is in constant dialog with its surroundings.

Water’s nature is revealed through an intrinsic tension—a balance of opposites.

As the most abundant compound on the planet, water evokes feelings of familiarity.

This familiarity inspires a natural affinity for all its forms and the timelessness of the shapes it creates.

Sympathetic Resonance


Lachlan Turczan - American, born 1993

A Los Angeles based artist working with water, light and sound. Turczan creates light artworks, water sculptures, and films that explore natural phenomena and the visualization of sound.

01. Sympathetic Resonance, 2023

An array of mirrored sculptures hold shallow pools of water. These polished vessels dissolve into their surroundings, taking on the personality of the space and allowing for a distilled experience of water’s sonic qualities.

As people gather and move around various pools, sweeping tones rise and fall from within the vessels. The proximity and communal presence of the public is reflected in the infrasonic tones that form wave patterns on the water’s surface.

02. Wavespace, 2023

The vibrational energy of music sculpts a pool of water into choreographed waves, transforming water into a kinetic, liquid lens.

This natural lens refracts and reflects light overhead into an ever-shifting lattice of imagery. The resulting lightwork provides a visual stimulus for the public to dream with open eyes. Much like cloud-gazing or staring into a fire, this experience is never twice the same and unique to each person.